Mission Vision and Values


SAQAN is a voluntary based organisation that brings together quality assurance bodies and higher education institutions from Southern Africa with a view to promote quality in higher education, foster harmonisation of quality assurance systems in the region and beyond; and facilitate international recognition of higher education qualifications from Southern Africa to enhance mobility of staff and students.


SAQAN is a vehicle for:
Cooperation: - leveraging each other’s capabilities and resources by sharing resources, materials and capacities for mutual benefit
Development: - of common policies, standards, instruments, and approaches
Partnership: - in leveraging funding and development opportunities for the benefit of member organisations


Underlying the work of SAQAN are key behaviours and attitudes that underlie quality assurance:

  • Recognition of academic freedom and institutional integrity
  • A recognition that quality and quality assurance are primarily the responsibility of higher education institutions themselves.
  • A developmental approach in order to provide members with support, guidance, information and advocacy for quality assurance.
  • Harnessing the wisdom, experience and capacities that exist in the region and elsewhere for mutual benefit of members.

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