Lesotho’s Minister of Education and Training Honourable Professor Ntoi Rapapa officially opens the 4th Southern African Quality Assurance Network (SAQAN) Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education.

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The Minister expressed appreciation to Lesotho (founding member of SAQAN) and all members of the young quality assurance sub regional body (SAQAN) in their dedication and commitment towards improving harmonisation and comparability of qualifications at regional level. He commended efforts from the founders of SAQAN as the very existence of the multilateral organisation contributes to the operationalisation of regional frameworks that include the Protocol on Education and Training; Protocol on Trade in Services; Regional Qualifications Framework, quality standards for higher education and for technical and vocational education; guidelines and nomenclature for TVET among others. The Minister’s was pleased with the wide participation not only from the Southern Africa region but also East Africa, and from international organisations such as Commonwealth of Learning and DAAD among others. The Minister ended his remarks by opening the 4th SAQAN Conference on Higher Education Quality Assurance on behalf of his Ministry (Ministry of Education and Training) and the Government of Lesotho.

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