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Capacity Building

One of the Goals of SAQAN is to support members develop quality assurance through capacity building. This is one of the key functions of SAQAN.

Exchange Programme

Exchange programmes provide one method SAQAN uses to train and develop its members in quality assurance.


One of SAQAN’s objectives is to facilitate research on the practice of quality assurance in higher education for purposes of improving the quality of higher education within SADC.

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Core Services

  • Development of higher education

    Further development of higher education in Africa hinges on building on the momentum surrounding quality assurance by establishing systems at national, sub-regional and regional levels.

  • Enhancement of the quality of higher education

    The network is committed to the enhancement of the quality of higher education and also with collaboration with similar organisations in Southern Africa.

  • Collaborative Quality Management

    Foster collaboration and linkages among quality assurance bodies within Southern Africa and further, collaborate in capacity building;